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Prices for works brought to my studio:

Flat Art:   $45.00

Sculpture: $55-$75.00

Locations fees: 

$250.00 minimum location fee which covers first two hours.  Additional time on site is billed at $55.00 for each additional 1/2 hour.  Digital processing fee is $35.00 for each artwork photographed.


Transportation is $85.00 for  anywhere in NYC. For travel elsewhere transportation charge is based on distance. 


Digital processing fee includes comparing art to digital photo and all Photoshop processing including color corrections for accuracy.  Color accuracy is guaranteed.


I maintain a studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where clients can bring work to be photographed. I am also equipped to travel and photograph anywhere in the world. 










     Malcolm Varon Photography

     540 President Street, Suite 1C

     Brooklyn, NY 11215


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